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Mateusz Guliński

Mateusz Guliński

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Warsaw for night owls

Rumour has it that cities never sleep. If you are a non-sleeper too, join us for an exciting cycling tour! We offer small groups (up to 20 people) and an English-speaking guide who reveals the Warsaw attractions in their night-time disguise.


No crowds in the most popular places is the biggest benefit of the late-night sightseeing. Neon tetras and building illuminations are intended to be admired at night. Even a mundane power plant, greyish during the daytime, turns into a glowing, vibrant sport under the cover of night.


Informacje organizacyjne

    Start: Palace of Culture and Science
  • End: Nowy Świat Street
  • We focus on small groups with no more than 20 participants.
  • Prize: 29 (if you have your bike) / 54 (on our bike)

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