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Mateusz Guliński

Mateusz Guliński

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There are not many traces of the former Jewish district left in Warsaw – except for old maps, pieces of the ghetto walls here and there, several streets – but their history is still a living thing. Jews lived and worked in the city, influencing it through many centuries. Their traces remained, although in a merely legible state.


This tour, being at the borderline with urban archaeology, is directed at anyone interested in the history of the Holocaust, as well as the customs, culture and cuisine of the Warsaw Jews.


Together with an English-speaking guide, you will discover by bike all the places which no longer exist and sites which have remained. The preserved walls of the ghetto are still hidden in tight courtyards, between contemporary blocks of flats.


You will see that cities are not only what we see now, but also speak of historic, non-existent places. If you wish to listen to gripping urban stories, join us. Be part of a fascinating encounter with the culture and history of Warsaw Jews.


  • Start: Zielna, nerby Metro Świętokrzyska station
  • End: Around Ratusz Arsenał Metro station
  • We focus on small groups with no more than 20 participants.
  • Prize: 29 (if you have your bike) / 54 (on our bike)

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