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Frequently Asked Questions

Mateusz Guliński

Mateusz Guliński

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How long will it last?
About 2.5 – 3 hours.


I’m afraid that I won’t be able to finish the ride…
No worries. It’s not the Peace Race nor Tour de Pologne. The riding pace will be slow, smooth, nearly reflective, though you need to remember that it’s still a route of several kilometres.


How can I buy a ticket?
It’s very simple. Just click here


Can I buy the ticket on the spot?
Unfortunately, you can’t. You have to purchase it online and bring it with you at the tour starting point.


How many people will participate in the tour?
We focus on small groups with no more than 20 participants. Simply, it’s easier to ask questions and the atmosphere is better.


What should I wear?
First of all, you should wear comfortable clothes. Not necessarily your favourite tracksuit or pyjamas, but wearing slippers, high-heeled shoes or miniskirts may also not be the best idea. Please replace your fancy bag with a backpack!


But I really don’t know whether I’ll like it…
Well, you won’t know until you come. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back – we bet you’ve already heard it jillion times, but we keep our promises! If you are not satisfied with our services at the end of the tour, we will give you money back.